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A Note A Day While He’s Away

My boyfriend recently went to Guatemala for a month and I knew it would be difficult to communicate with him. I decided to send him off with a little package full of things that would make him smile and remind him of just how much I love and miss him. I’ll tell you what I did and how to do it. P.S. He LOVED it 🙂



  • Container (for candy)
  • Candy
  • Mini cards and envelopes
  • Small Photo Album
  • Favorite pictures of the 2 of you


  1. Get a mini version of his favorite candy (his was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)
  2. Count out the number of days he will be gone and set aside that many candies
  3. Number each candy on the bottom
  4. Put the candies in a container (I decorated the container too!)
  5. Gather as many envelopes for as many days as he will be gone and number them (just as you did the candies)
  6. Write a note in each envelope or put a picture inside. You can do anything really!

His Job

  1. Each day he can draw a candy from the container
  2. He will look at the number on the bottom of the candy and open that corresponding envelope.
  3. If it is pictures, he can put them into the photo album you sent with him. If It is a note, he will smile and think of you 🙂


  • My boyfriend was gone over Halloween, so I made sure that he had a special envelope to open on Oct. 31st
  • Some of the notes were things I loved about him, while some were special tasks for him to do: take two pictures that day – one for me and one for him. Some were a bit racy, and some were simple and sweet. Have fun with it! You will be sure that he’ll be missing you like crazy!

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