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Repurposing A Corner Shelf

I recently moved into a new apartment and I have the SMALLEST room ever!! It was once the ‘Control Room’ for the house, so you can understand that storage space was minimal! I found a lovely Butler corner shelf with a brown finish on Craigslist. Since my walls are blue and my bedspread is white I decided to paint the shelf white and then antique it. It was a bit time consuming, but very easy and worth it.


Products Used
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White – this paint makes the project easier!
  • Annie Sloan Soft Wax
  • Large boar bristle paintbrush
  • Small touch-up brush
  • Wet rag for antiquing
How To
1. Clean item to be painted. I just used a wet rag and soap. I was told I did not need to sand the piece, but I would recommend doing so anyway2. Paint the piece. Annie Sloan paint dries fast, so it was easy to do 3 coats within a day.
Let it sit overnight.

3. Antique your piece. This is pretty easy to do with Annie Sloan paint. Simply wet a rag and scrub in places where furniture would normally show wear and tear. I scrubbed the curves on the outside and the corners. This will take the paint off in a delicate way, letting the wood show through. You could also do steps 1-4, then paint the piece a second time bit with a different color. When you do step 5, the first color will show through.

4. Apply Annie Sloan Wax. This seals in the paint and you can no longer wipe anything off.

5. Let it sit overnight and you are good to go!
I went to Anthropologie and bought a cute handle 🙂

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