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DIY Workout Tank

Have you ever looked at the t-shirts in the guys section at Target? Super cool stuff!!! The only problem is that the sizes and fits are, obviously, not made for women. So I like to cut up the shirts I buy in their section and make them cute and fitting for me :). Give it a go! They are cheap so it’s ok if you mess up.

DIY Tank



  • Any cool guy’s shirt that is a bit too big
  • Scissors



  1. Lay the t-shirt flat on a flat surface

DIY Tank



2. Cut about an inch off of the bottom of the t-shirt, so that the stitching is no longer attached. Make sure you are cutting both the front and the back of the shirt simultaneously – hold together at the edge.

3. Cut off both sleeves by cutting in a semi-circle, getting rid of the stitching. Make sure both sides of the shirt are being cut.

4. Make a small scoop neck at the top of the shirt by cutting in a circle shape. This can be a bit tricky. Make sure you are cutting the back and front together again.

DIY Tank



5. Flip the shirt over and cut a V in only the back portion at the neckline, making 2 ‘straps’ like a tank top

DIY Tank



6. Take the bottom inch of the shirt (that you cut off) and cut it so that it is one long piece of fabric.

7. Pull the straps of the shirt together and wrap the piece of fabric around it, making a knot.

DIY Tank



8. Wrap this piece all the way up the straps, so that they are combined together into a racerback tank. Tie at the top.

DIY Tank

9. I re-did step #8 a few times to get the fit just right.

10. Wear it like you own it girl!



2 comments on “DIY Workout Tank

  1. limelanelove
    March 5, 2013

    Haha, that is so creative! I’ve thought that so many times about guy t-shirts. Love it 🙂

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