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Thanks For The Dates Gift

When my BF and I started dating I wrote down each of our dates – what we did and when we did it. Then, for his birthday, I wrote down about 5 of my favorite dates and bought him something that could be associated with each one. I made wine cork photo holders (he loves wine) and placed a note in each photo holder slot. Refer to the picture for a better idea! I then snuck into his room and set them all over for him to find later! Here’s the step-by-step guide to the Thanks For The Dates Gift for your significant other.


 Picture Holders:

  • Wine corks
  • Gauge bare copper wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers

Everything Else:

  • Colorful paper for the notes
  • Gifts to go along with each date/note


Photo Holder: I got this tutorial from Mamie Jane’s. Check our her tutorial for photos!

  1. Shave off a bit of one side of each cork so that it can sit flat on a surface. (refer to picture below)
  2. Cut 12 inch pieces of wire (one for each picture holder)
  3. Bend the wire at a right angle, about in the middle of the wire.
  4. Turn the wire toward you, so that the bent piece is facing you
  5. Use a glue stick to wrap the wire around to make your circular photo holder  –> hold the glue stick at the bend in the wire and begin wrapping around the glue stick, away from you. Do this 2 times
  6. Slide the glue stick off and cut the extra ‘tail’ with your cutter
  7. Use your pliers to curl the remaining piece of the wire around, towards the circle.
  8. Cut the wire to desired length and carefully press end of wire into a wine cork.

Notes and Gifts

  1. Write out your favorite dates on picture size pieces of paper. Buy a gift to go along with each note –> Examples: “I was amazed after our very first date. The music and hot chocolate were such thoughtful touches. It was a sign of things to come.” I bought hot chocolate mix to go along with this. “I loved that you held my hand and agreed to get a DIET coke and popcorn WITHOUT butter for our first movie date.” I bought popcorn and movie tickets to go along with this gift.
  2. Place each piece of paper into the picture holders.
  3. Place the picture holders throughout his room/the house, etc. Set each gift with each date.
Thanks For The Dates Gift

I love Gavin Degraw, so for our 4th date he bought the GD CD and we had dinner in candlelight! I bought him a candle to go along with this gift.




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