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The Magic of Free Makeup

I went into ULTA Beauty the other day for some fun new nail polish and found out that I could score a whole free bag of makeup just for buying a few ULTA brand products! I grabbed two ULTA nail polishes and then got to choose from two, 12-piece, adorable gift bags of makeup. The bag is valued at $88.

Then, just for the fun of it, I wanted to see how much ‘free’ makeup could actually do. I’m a name brand girl and I don’t mind dropping some cash on my Clinique mascara and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. So, with nothing but face lotion on, I applied all of the makeup from the gift bag and was actually pretty impressed with the outcome. It is not the highest quality makeup, and I did not like the makeup brushes, but I still think it is worth it if you’re interested in trying out some nice ULTA brand products. See for yourself just how much ‘free’ makeup can do!

Products in the free bag (I picked the pink version, there was also a yellow version with more bronzed colors): ULTA Eyeshadow – color of choice (I picked Plum Noir). ULTA Kohl Eyeliner – color of choice (I picked Bronze). ULTA Amped Lashes Mascara. ULTA cheek blush in Infatuation. ULTA Lipstick in Precious Pink. ULTA Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Starlet. ULTA Nail Polish. ULTA Foaming Face Wash. 3 ULTA makeup brushes. 

Don’t judge my BEFORE photo – I know I look much better with makeup!


Nothing but face lotion

Nothing but face lotion

Ulta Beauty Bag - Fo Free!

Ulta Beauty Bag – Fo Free!


After using all of the ULTA products

After using all of the ULTA products


TAKE AWAY: I enjoyed these ULTA products, but they are not my favorite nor will they be my new ‘go-tos.’ If you are looking for a few basic, affordable pieces of makeup, head to ULTA and buy a few nail polishes so that you can score this free bag. If you really aren’t in need of anything, probably don’t spend your money ($19.50 worth of ULTA products to get this free bag – an $88 value).


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